i  can't  imagine  many  of  you  care,  but  anyway... 

Where to start? I'm fairly certain that I've been opinionated since birth. As the oldest, and of course, most intelligent of three children, I doubt there's been a time where someone hasn't known exactly where they stand with me. Although they aren't ever sure where I plan to hide their body.

- J & S BRING ME HOME from the hospital. Thus begins my habit of not being invited to stay places for long periods of time.

- i discovered my love for art. Dad was soft-spoken, but scared the shit out of me on most occasions and Mom dealt with pubescent kids all day as a math teacher. I found that I could draw to keep myself out of trouble and virtually invisible. By then, my two siblings were up my butt non-stop and it was inevitable that any given day would end in my brother kicking a hole through the wall or my sister breaking her nose. Both happened with frequency. My elementary school art teacher, Mrs. Green, was my hero.

- forensics and politics. Moving on, 1987 was a turning point in my brain development. The start of high school, development of my much-despised boobs, and a circle of friends who were just like me, made for a great life. I opted to express myself through my art and my participation in forensic (speech and debate) competitions. My team was sarcastic, slap-nuts funny, always jockeying for attention and some of the most talented kids I'd ever met. My goal? Be just like them. I honed my comedic skills around the same time that I decided that I really didn't want to follow in my father's footsteps when it came time to vote for the first time.

- first job. So, there's a job and then there's a job-that-you-never-want-again-but-are-glad-you-experienced-it job. My first job was the latter. To call my boss demanding would be like calling Lindsay Lohan a tad precocious. She tortured me, no lie. In the midst of this "professional growth spurt" I decided to get married. Yeah, what could possibly go wrong? Thankfully the demanding boss left me for dead and then moved on, and the marriage is still going strong 15 years later. Thanks, Universe.

- children. Is it so hard to believe that I have no kids? I mean, I run an apparel company for babies and toddlers, right? Here's the truth - my husband and I decided from the beginning that we were "no kid" kind of people. But we also soon discovered that we were the ONLY ones in our circle of friends who were childless. I loved being a surrogate aunt to so many – and I loved filling them with sugar and sending them back to their parents. I have to think that this played into the Biased, Baby concept, but who knows. I've also realized that the massive amounts of Boone's Farm and Crown Royal I consumed in the 90's have made my brain a bit foggy to past events.

- It begins. The company started small, with only a few political onesies and some big ideas. I got the bright idea to purchase an unnaturally expensive booth at America's Mart in Atlanta but quickly found, once there, that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Thus, a brief hiatus.

- ETSY breathes life into attitude. We are now on track to offend more than a million people in our first "real" year of being an active brand. Sales are great and every month is better than the previous. I look forward to seeing Biased, Baby on the racks of boutiques and the shelves of gift stores. If that happens, I just might have to upgrade my standards.